Flammable And Explosive Gas And Special Required Gas Compressor Of CMN Series

Gas that is explosive and flammable, as well as Specially Required Gas Compressor

An especially needed gas compressor kind of compressor designed to compress explosive and flammable gasses. They are utilized in various industries, such as chemical and oil and pharmaceutical.

Explosive and explosive gas as well as specially-designed gas compressors need to be able to meet certain safety requirements so they can be utilized in the fields. These include:

  • The compressor should be constructed to stop the ignition of compressed gas.
  • The compressor should be fitted with a relief valve for pressure to stop overpressurization.
  • The compressor must be outfitted with a fire arrestor to stop the spread of the fire.
  • The compressor should be placed in a secure location, far from sources of ignition.

Characteristics of Explosive and Flammable Gas, and Especially required gas compressor

1. Advantages stem from the outstanding efficiency and performance of CMN the air-end, which is the embodiment of water-lubricated technology.

2. There is no shaft seal design, and no leakage of oil from the air side

3. Without any oil that is lubricated and without any lubricated oil, the shaft seal can’t be used for a prolonged period of time. CMN has designed an extremely delicate contactless, wear-resistant, no-shaft sealing model to work to solve the issue of sealing. The lifelong sealing process is known as a no-shaft sealing design.

4. Air production is 10% higher when compared to the same power, and electricity has saved more than 10 percent directly.

5. The primary requirement of the oil-free water-lubricated technology is that the volumetric efficiency should be at or over 95%, which is to say that leakage must be less than 5 percent. The technology used to produce CMN oil-free has been incorporated into the air screw oil compressor, which increases the efficiency of the compressor and guarantees the air leakage is not more than 4.4%.

6. Resistance to high temperatures, the highest continuous temperature of this unit is less than 92 degrees Celsius at 55°C.

7. CMN the leakage of air is lower than 4%, produces lower heat loss, and offers exceptional performance when it comes to high-temperature resistance.

8. Less oil content is 2PPM

9. CMN’s high-efficiency air end ensures an excellent seal through the injection of some lubricating oil with a content of less than 2PPM. This is referred to as a micro screw air compressor