Oil Free Air Compressor

An oil-free air compressor is a type of air compressor that operates without the use of oil. Instead of relying on oil to lubricate and cool the compressor’s moving parts, oil-free compressors use special materials and coatings on their internal components to reduce friction and heat.

Air Compressors That Are Oil-Free for Pure Air

Air compressors with no oil are specifically designed to meet your needs in which air quality is a must for the final product and manufacturing processes.

Highest Air Quality

We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality air for crucial applications such as food and beverage manufacturing, (petro) Chemical processing electronic manufacturing…

Reduce Your Operating Expenses

Our oil-free air technology allows users to avoid costly replacement of filters, reduces the cost of treatment for oil condensate and decreases energy loss caused by pressure drops in filters.

Environmental Compliance

With our oil-free technology, you can protect the environment and are more in line with international standards. Reduce leaks and save energy consumption. Reduce the need for condensate treatment

A Wide Range of Compressors

Air compressors that are oil-free encompass an extensive selection of rotary screw and tooth piston, centrifugal, scroll, and water-injected compressors. An oil-free solution for each use

ISO-certified Technology

The first to be granted the ISO 8573-1 class 0 (2010) along with ISO 22000 certification for our oil-free manufacturing facility in Antwerp, Belgium

Global Service Network

Enhancing the availability and dependability of your oil-free compressor equipment. We are the world’s biggest compressed-air service company

Zero-Stage Air and Compressor That Is Oil-Free

If your company requires the highest quality compressed air without oil, you can’t lower its quality. Our oil-free compressors produce the air-clean environment needed for applications. We have set the standards of air purity, which are ISO8573-1 certified. These compressors deliver pure compressed air, which is oil-free and helps improve energy efficiency.

Compressors that are oil-free are guaranteed to meet ISO Class Zero certification. They provide an air supply that is free of oil for delicate applications. Although the initial cost might be more costly, oil-free compressors are safer because they guarantee that your products will not be at risk of infection.

It is a “technically free of oil” compressor that is classified as ISO Class 1. The compressors are actually oil-lubricated, which means there is a possibility of contamination. They employ the oil-removing filter to eliminate a majority of the oil particles that are produced during compression. However, they can’t guarantee free of oil.

Air Compressor

An Air Compressor That Is Oil-Free and Has Advanced Technology

The purity of air is crucial in many areas where even the smallest drop of oil can cause product spoilage or damage to equipment. According to the type of purpose, a particular compressed air technology could offer advantages over others. We can offer you the versatility to choose from a range of technology for oil-free compressors to fit your needs: screw, centrifugal scroll, reciprocating, and scroll.

Contrary to oil-lubricated compressors air compressors don’t have any oil in the chamber of compression. Compressors without oil do not have oil in the entire system, which eliminates any possibility of contamination by oil in the air. Each of the highly engineered products makes pure, high-quality air.

Oil-free for Your Critical Applications

Benefit from our years of expertise in providing compressed air without oil in a range of applications.

  • automotive
    premium coatings, smooth-running processes healthier and more comfortable
  • food and beverage
    Healthy, better tasting high-end products
  • chemical
    improved product purity, more efficient methods, less waste, enhanced security
  • electronics
    Continuous control systems, as well as keeping the ultra-clean environment vital to ensure high quality products
  • oil and gas
    Control systems and processes that are trouble-free and processes, enhanced security, safety, and a better quality, higher-end product
  • textiles
    More efficient production, less maintenance and repair costs higher quality textiles and less wastage
  • pharmaceuticals
    Pure products, lessening risk of contamination more efficient processes, reduced the amount of waste

Benefits of Oil Free Air Compressor


Reduced risk of contamination: Oil-free compressors are ideal for applications that require clean air, such as in the medical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Since they don't use oil, there is no risk of oil contamination in the air supply.


Lower maintenance costs: Oil-free compressors require less maintenance than oil-lubricated compressors. With an oil-free compressor, there is no need to check or change the oil, which can save time and money.


Environmentally friendly: Oil-free compressors are more environmentally friendly since they don't require the use of oil. This means they don't contribute to oil pollution and can be disposed of more easily than oil-lubricated compressors.


Increased efficiency: Oil-free compressors can operate at higher temperatures than oil-lubricated compressors, which means they can produce more compressed air per unit of energy consumed. This can lead to lower energy costs and higher efficiency.

100% Pure Air

If your business requires the purest compressed air with no oil it is impossible to reduce the quality of your air. Our oil-free compressors create the environment required for air-clean applications. We have established standards for air purity as ISO 8573-1 Class certified. These compressors supply pure compressed air that is oil-free and help improve energy efficiency.

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